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Essential dimensions for an open concept kitchen and living room system in coordinated shapes and materials. Metal effect Satin lacquered finish is achieved by manually applying six coats to each side.

TELERO Doors for base units and tall units with titanium frame and nickel Satin lacquered, nickel Satin lacquered finishing panels. Titanium lacquered aluminium groove profile and h.8 cm plinth in nickel lacquered aluminium. Th.20 mm sand Quartz top and island hood in black lacquered steel.

TECA Wall units with dark brown frame and fumé glass.

OPEN Base units in materia walnut with Bank shelves and LED light.

UP Boiserie in materia walnut, Bank shelves in aluminium and glass.

GAP Kitchen rack in black mat lacquered aluminium, flush on top.

TABLE TOP Integrated top in materia walnut.

LIVING UP Mat absolut black lacquered boiserie, Bank shelves in aluminium and glass.

E45 Base units in materia walnut.

E45 Mat absolut black lacquered base units.


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