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Sensa by Cosentino is the natural granite surface of Cosentino Group that counts on a stain resistant protection that makes them unique. Elegant and high quality surfaces with reliable properties that own a 15 years warranty.


Sensa granites own a revolutionary protective treatment that provides them with a high resistance againts the stains.

Without any special maintenance

In comparison with other granites, Sensa by Cosentino® needs an easy maintenance, it’s really simple to clean.

Certification for the contact with food

Sensa by Cosentino count on a necessary certification to be in your kitchen and in contact with food.

Unique designs made by the nature

Thanks to Nature, the Sensa by Cosentino® slabs are unique due to its different veinings, textures and unrepeatable colours.

Care and Maintenance

The Sensa by Cosentino granites get adapted to the essential properties to keep the surfaces in a perfect condition and maximum functionality. The ease and comfort that it offers when cleaning it, where you only need a cloth with soap and warm water, and the treatment that covers it and count on 15 years of warranty, makes of it the perfect choice.