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Our Story

Dedication, Precision and Imagination

Hi-Spec Design was established in 1993 by Frank Saffari in the rural heartland of Hexham.
Armed with an engineering background and years of designing for Norman Glenn he brought contemporary kitchens to the Northumbrian countryside.
Frank’s great passion for creating unique work surfaces from his farmyard workshop embodies the bespoke ideals that are incorporated in the Hi-Spec Design philosophy.
At Hi-Spec we constantly push design boundaries and by sourcing the latest products from manufacturers across Europe, we ensure clients always have access to the broadest range of materials, new design features and appliance technology.
Even to this day Hi-Spec Design is a small family run company with client satisfaction in mind. Our goal is to be remembered for outstanding customer service and relevant design to each and every customer.

Our Approach

Our dedicated design team will take our clients on a journey of creativity and realisation of their needs. We understand that the kitchen is the heart of each household and how important it is to create a calm and suitable space to make all those happy memories in the years to come. All our furniture is bespoke and each kitchen is designed individually to suit our clients life style and budget.
We value personal relationships and each project will be managed by your designer from start to finish so you do not have to deal with a different team at each stage. We’ll also liaise with your contractors directly, taking care of all the nitty gritty, so you don’t have to.
Our installation team are very experienced and know the products extremely well having been trained for each and every appliance installation, so you can be sure you are in safe hands.

Commercial Team

We specialise in commercial projects working with a number of well established construction and development companies for over 25 years.
Again in this section of our work, client satisfaction is the most important factor and on each project only one person will manage the various stages from design to hand over, allowing nothing to be diluted in the process, with point of contact remaining the same.

Companies we have worked with;

Acorn Ltd
Ant Yapi UK
Rooff Ltd
GHR Contruction Ltd

After Sales


After sale service for us is as important as the initial sale and we are happy to assist our clients at any time.


Hi-Spec Design is very proud of its history, and the fact that we have been in operation since 1993 is testament to our stability, having stood the tests of global economic downturns where others have perished. Our long lasting relationships with suppliers over the past 25 years is a concrete assurance of this.
Even today we are still assisting our earliest of customers with even the most minor of snagging issues, proving that when you choose to work with us we will look after you for life.
We are here to deal with any issues that can possibly occur and will try our best to solve any issues as quickly as possible and with minimum cost to our clients.