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Minà combines the highest expressions of tradition and technology in a new-concept multifunctional island.

The essence and details of its form draw on the purest archetype and have strong proto-industrial connotations. But the suggestions of this bygone style, from the red knobs to the extraction hoods, are daringly modernised and the personality thus created will stand up to and dialogue with interiors of all kinds: modern, traditional and classic. A kitchen that becomes a “forge”, where fire is not just a cooking medium but a creative force. With island or wall-mounted layout, without limits on its size or modularity, Minà can be installed in rooms of all kinds: from the open space of a loft to the small city apartment.

A real cooking “machine”
Designed to be a real “cooking machine”, Minà still strongly evokes its design archetype: the first cast-iron wood-burning cooking stoves. And yet it incorporates all the very latest features required of a professional kitchen, including hobs, refrigerators, freezers, waste bins, fully fitted drawers, dishwashers… all of the best brands. By combining in a mood that is lively but always unique and original, this kitchen maintains all its elegance and evocative force, with no half measures. An evolution in style, responsive to the needs of all, and the demands of the everyday.

Meticulously chosen and sourced, the materials used for the Minà worktops are original, innovative and exclusive. Their exquisite finishes are provided by the skilled hands of local craftsmen, who return to tradition to create state-of-the-art worktops that are the last word in modernity.

The big drawers can be completed with trays to keep cutlery, dishes, pans, spices, jars and everything useful for your kitchen neat and tidy. Big drawers can be fitted with LED lighting bars that come on when they are opened and light up the items inside.

To serve the cooking and working block, Minà also has tall units which can easily accommodate roomy pantry cupboards. The internal shelves, in addiction to melamine and metal, can be made of refined beechwood slats.

Design Arch. Silvio Stefani


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