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Why you should work with an interior designer

Deciding whether you want to work with an interior designer can be a big decision and not an easy one. There are many benefits to working alongside an expert, and although it does come at a cost, they really can enhance your home decoration journey.

Keep your finances in order
Budgeting is not an easy job, and interior design and home renovations are notorious, for good reason, for going over budget. Working with an interior designer means you are able to set your budget and someone else can make sure you’re not only working within this but getting the most out of this. An interior designer will also be able to flag anything that is unrealistic within your budget, and then offer alternatives.

Seamlessly slot into the process
A skilled and professional interior designer is able to slot into the process at whatever stage. Although it is recommended to begin consultations from the start, if you decide halfway through a renovation that you need help, they can come in and offer assistance. From ideation to fixing design mishaps, interior designers can help you every step of the way.

Tap into their knowledge
Designers have worked with a variety of budgets, spaces, clientele and budgets and although there is endless advice online or in books, having someone who can visualise your space in a professional way should not be overlooked. They can help you overcome any problems you have in your interior design journey, pre-empt any, and solve the ones you didn’t even know you had. If you’re short of time, an interior designer having knowledge at their fingertips can help immensely with the whole process.

Outside perspective
Have you ever spent too much time looking at something, and it starts to look strange? This is common during a design project, and it’s easy to get tunnel vision. Having a completely outside perspective on the home can help prevent this from happening, and bring you back to the wider picture. Additionally, another perspective can be helpful for making practical decisions that work for you and your home. Although an interior designer should never flat out say no to your ideas, a good interior designer should look at any plans or ideas with a critical eye, one that you may not always have yourself.

It’s who you know
An experienced designer will have the connections, and this is especially helpful for bigger projects. For example, a bespoke furniture fitting can take a long time with supplies made-to-order being expensive and with long lead times. If you have the luxury of working with somebody who can help streamline this process, it’s definitely a consideration you should factor into any decision-making. They also have connections with fitters, decorators, suppliers, and shops – your interior designer should have the connections to enhance your experience.

We previously asked our experts what their favourite local homeware shops are in the Chelsea and Fulham area, take a read here.

Working together
They are going to work with you, not take over the process. This can be beneficial whether you’re working on your own, or as a couple or family, having someone with an eye for design is only going to enhance your journey. Collaborating on ideas can make sure you’re continually thinking of all the options and throw new ideas into the mix that you may not have thought of.

Individuality is key
As we mentioned above, interior designers have the knowledge and the experience, which also means they are able to come up with unique design ideas that can transform your home. A skilled designer can ensure you not only have a bespoke experience but that your home is made perfectly for you.

Money, money money
You want to ensure you’re getting value for your money and efforts spent during your interior design journey, especially if you are planning a large renovation. Interior expertise is able to ensure that you are doing just that, from the decisions made, suppliers used and quality of products. If they do their job properly, you should be saving money on your project. Additionally, if you are designing your home for reselling purposes, your expert can help advise on ways to add value to your property.

Lastly, interior designers are passionate about making clients happy and want to leave a job feeling proud. We asked some of our designers what their favourite part about their job is.

Shaun Wadsley, Interior Designer, “I love the diversity of being an interior designer, you can meet great people and work on great projects. It’s always a wonderful feeling when you leave a project feeling proud and with happy clients.”

Sahar Saffari, Interior Designer, “The creativity is the best part of being an interior designer, I love being able to help my client’s interior dreams come true. With every project, there is always something to learn and you’re continuously coming up with new ideas and new ways to overcome challenges.”

Company Bio
Hi-Spec Design is a family run interior design agency based in Chelsea, South West London. We specialise in bespoke kitchens and work with some of the best appliance manufacturers across Europe, this company is remembered by its customers for its unique and luxurious designs. Read more about our story here.