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Luxury Fitness Brand

Are you a devoted fitness lover and a design addict?

Well, look no further than PENT, the equipment brand that ticks all the boxes.

PENT is not just a fitness equipment, but also a beautiful piece of furniture.

A solution that is an interpretation of timeless elegance.

The combination of simple forms, curved lines and elegant proportions,

makes the set stand out so much that it cannot be said to be just fitness equipment.

Wood Finishes

Ash Walnut

Natural Ash

Black Ash

Natural Walnut

Dark Walnut

Leather Finishes






COMBO ANA Fitness Set

SOPHIA Fitness Cart

RACKA Fitness Set

COLMIA Complete Dumbbell Set

COLMIA Light Dumbbell Set

COLMIA Power Dumbbell Set

COLMIA VERTICAL Complete Dumbbell Set

COLMIA VERTICAL Light Dumbbell Set

COLMIA VERTICAL Power Dumbbell Set

COLMIA Ultra Light Dumbbell Set

COLMIA Dumbbell Pair

LOVA Individual Kettlebell

LOVA Complete Kettlebell Set

LOVA Light Kettlebell Set

LOVA Power Kettlebell Set

LOVA VERTICAL Complete Kettlebell Set

LOVA VERTICAL Light Kettlebell Set

LOVA VERTICAL Power Kettlebell Set

MOXA Full Medicine Ball Set

MOXA Light Medicine Ball Set

MOXA Power Medicine Ball Set

MOXA VERTICAL Full Medicine Ball Set

MOXA VERTICAL Light Medicine Ball Set

MOXA VERTICAL Power Medicine Ball Set

LESNA Barbell & Weight Set

BYSTRA Barbell & Bench Press Rack Set

BYSTRA Bench Press Weight Rack

SCALA Basic Wall Bar System

SCALA Advanced Wall Bar System

SCALA Deluxe Wall Bar System

RAXA Punching Bag Set

RAXA Punching Bag

RAXA Boxing Gloves

TRESNA Balance Trainer

MATA Large Fitness Mat

MATA Fitness Mat

MESNA Exercise Sitting Ball

TWISTA Ab Roller

LIPOVA Push-Up Handlebars

SIENNA Jump Rope

KOHA+PASA Yoga Block & Strap

KOHA Yoga Block

ROLA Back Roller

KALNA Bulgarian Bag