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Items that are distinctive in design, uniquely created in collaboration with architects and designers. Objects are designed to accompany and enrich the collections Natural Skin and Minà. They are also perfect , however, for standing independently in any context and location.

In every way the philosophy of Minacciolo is summarised : the recovery of tradition, the expressive function of the material and the innovative movement. Proposals that revise everyday objects by highlighting unusual and unexpected features. Design objects where all of the original textures and the creative element are pushed to the maximum expression.




Mammut, the flexible extractor hood

The Mammut extractor hood combines the functionality of industrial exhaust fans with a personal style that makes it perfectly suitable…

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Minacciolo Tinozza design furniture

Tinozza, three versions of design and tradition

Tinozza is an object that is based on tradition, but redesigned with a new look to make it suitable for even the most modern settings….

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Available in a variety of colours, Mini-Minà can be installed in interiors in any style, modern or classical, making even the smallest spaces unique.

Mini Minà, little kitchen, great design

Mini Minà combines tradition and technology in one small island. A unique, original design object that is still practical and functional. Available in a…

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“Pots”, a chandelier made of real pots Pots chandelier is truly unique and original: the lampshades are real cooking pots in various types and sizes coloured matte black or aluminium. The power cables of each pot are easily adjustable and they converge i

Pots, a chandelier made of real pots

Pots chandelier is truly unique and original: the lampshades arereal cooking pots in various types and sizes coloured matte black or…

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minacciolo tavolo deisgn in legno frame

Frame, the customised table

Framethe table with a thousand faces: it combines a solid table structure with numerous types of design tops and it offers the possibility to create a…

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“Paris” новый стул из металла

Paris, the new metal chair

Paris successfully reinterprets the classic iron chair: starting from an impression this traditional chair has become a fresh and modern style that is a…

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Wall-play, the wooden wall panel system created for people like you, who are not satisfied with ready-made solutions. Give your creativity free rein by choosing the combination of steel fittings you like best: utensil hanging rails, bottle racks and suppo

Wall-play, the boiserie that is all about you

Furnishing your home is a fun way of expressing your own taste and personality. So have fun personalising your kitchen with Wall-play, the wooden wall panel

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