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Luxury handcrafted boxes, cabinets and armoires

At Hi-Spec Design, we work with the best suppliers from across Europe to help your interior dreams come true. Whether it’s the latest commercial-grade kitchen appliances or luxury appliances, we continually keep our eyes on what is on the market, and what our clients might want and need for their homes.

With that being said, we are proud to be supplying Agresti, the elegant furniture that is designed to keep your personal items secure within the home. Agresti products combine skilled, traditional craftsmanship with the latest-generation technology that guarantees security for you and your possessions.

Agresti began its journey in 1949 in Florence, Italy, and since then the company has been specialising in creating high-quality and elegant furniture to keep your possession protected.

Safety, elegance and refinement are the guidelines that Agresti has been following for over 70 years.

Agresti is able to customise its products depending on your wants and needs, even to the tiniest of details. From the dimensions to the finishes, you can expect a truly exclusive an bespoke product when choosing to work with this brand

They offer a wide range of products including necklace holders, swiss-mechanic watch storage and chargers, drawers for all jewellery, furniture to store cigars, games and wine and spirits. They also offer treasure and panic rooms which can be installed into your home to protect you in case of an emergency.

Armoires with safes
Armoires with safes are a different concept from the traditional safe, they are there to showcase, yet still secure your valuables, not to just hide. These high-resistance, metal structures are hidden within armours made of precious wood. They are then anchored securely into your wall. These armours are designed to give you the security that you need and want, but with the addition of a stylish piece of furniture, that can be custom-made.

Luxury safes
Agresti’s luxury safes can be created with different sizes and degrees of security to suit your style and needs. There is the option for numerical keypads, biometrics scanners, face recognition or app openings depending on how you would best like to access your personal belongings. The finishing and design can also be completely customised so your safe can match your luxury interior style.

There are many different safes to choose from, including the ‘mirror of enchantment’ safe. This is installed with a spyglass, so your safe can be organised to display your collections and valuables, but the mirror reflects when it is off, so you only display your products when you choose to.

Jewellery boxes & chests
For when storage and accessibility are more of a priority than security. These luxury jewellery boxes and safes combine artisan traditional craftsmanship with modern style and perfectly suit elegant homes and are perfect for daily use.

Winders & watch cabinets
The perfect coupling of Italian craftsmanship and Swiss precision technology. The cabinets themselves can include secret compartments and bulletproof glass to truly protect your watch collection. The watch winders are made in Switzerland to ensure the highest technological perfection. These luxury watch winders are used by sophisticated collectors to preserve the longevity and mechanical integrity of valuable timepieces.

Games, Cigar & Collectible storage
Agresti offers bar furniture and collectables storage such as cigars and games for those who want to keep their prized possessions protected, and not have them out of sight and collecting dust.

The luxury bar cabinets bring an air of modern elegance into your home, whilst still keeping with the luxurious and traditional feel of Agresti’s brand ethos. They are the perfect addition to your entertainment area, with customised details and high-quality craftsmanship, they will stand the test of time. These cabinets also include space for whiskey bottles and glasses, and you can even include space in your cabinets for growing your collection over time.

Again, another ideal addition to the entertainment area is the games and chess boards that Agresti has to offer, including their ‘chess talent’ board that is made from matt Canaletto walnut and white maple.

Now, if you’re someone who takes great pride in their office space, then these pen boxes and pen cases take your office or study to the next level of luxury. The pen boxes by Agresti are designed with pen collectors in mind, lined with ultra-suede for extra sophistication and protection.

Treasure Room
Our home should be somewhere that we feel safe, and that our belongings feel safe. Whether it’s our jewellery, our artwork or unique furniture, we all have possessions that are invaluable to us.

These treasure room treasure rooms allow for all of your possessions to be kept safe together. They are a secure and tailor-made space inside your home, and through blending the latest security technology with the highest-quality materials you are left with a stylish, refined and safe areas. The storage options can be created for your own personal needs, guaranteeing security and style. Having the choice of finish such as ebony, white or carbon you can choose the style that perfectly suits your interior style.

When it comes to the security of the room, the steel walls guarantee full protection, with cork that isolates your voices into your room, the careful sealings that can protect you from gas attacks. The door is armoured, yet elegantly lined with leather. The door can be opened with a biometric device, which can be used by different family members if this is something you would want. If the owner of the home experienced an attack, you would open the door with a different finger, activating a silent mode and alarming police and security. The treasure room can be used as a luxury and practical storage room for daily use.

If you are interested in putting an enquiry in for how Agresti could fit into your home, please do get in touch..

Company Bio
Hi-Spec Design is a family run interior design agency based in Chelsea, South West London. We specialise in bespoke kitchens and work with some of the best appliance manufacturers across Europe, this company is remembered by its customers for its unique and luxurious designs. Read more about our story here.