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New refined metal “skins” for Natural Skin collection

Natural Skin collection by Minacciolo, emblematic of sophisticated elegance and revolution of space, enhances once again its range of precious metal finishes.

In addition to the new vintage brass finishburnished metalcopperand vintage steel are the new metal skins applicable to the HDF doors.


These special materials display one more time the craftsmanship that distinguish the history of the brand, emphasizing the fact that this collection is increasingly customizable presenting a unique aesthetic.

Now the new metals on the monolith doors accent the space even more and create a perception of living that is intimately connected with the modules, serving the needs of modern life.

Natural Skin is made with substance, intended for versatile, modular use in any living space and in customisable dimensions.

Each unit can be equipped with simple shelves, extractable metal baskets, LED lights and built-in appliances: in this functional kitchen everything is hidden but promptly available to support daily life.


As a remind of origins, the use of an early element as metal combined with the contemporary nature of this collection establish a perfect combination between past and future, demonstrating the exceptional research that Minacciolo continues to do on materials.

The exaltation of metal previous nature is elegantly placed in opposition with the most advanced technologies; a pure and cozy outcome where tradition and modernity coexist in harmony.

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